Evey's Road to the CMTC

Evey has been invited to attend the Canadian Model and Talent Convention this year, May 8th to 12th, 2019. We appreciate every bit of help from our friends, family and community.

A headshot of Evey
Evey playing the piano
Evey with sister Tessa

About Evey

Evey is a deep lover of music. She enjoys singing, playing piano and playing the ukelele. Her favourite artists are Grace Vanderwall, Twentyone Pilots and Lorde. She also loves to read and hang out with her friends.

The Opportunity

Evey auditioned in October 2018 for the CMTC. After an brief in-person interview, a presentation on what to expect, and a submission of her demonstrating her musical talent, she was selected as one of 25 Atlantic Canadians to be invited to the convention. There she will have the opportunity to meet those who work in the industry as well as show her talents in various competitions, and learn more about a career in modelling, talent and music.

About the CMTC

CMTC is affiliated with and endorsed by the world’s top modelling and talent agents, scouts, managers, and casting directors. Our mandate is to educate and provide the best venue to launch the national and international careers of potential models and talent from regional centers all across Canada.
This is the video submitted to the CMTC along with her in person audition. She's singing 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley.
This a video of Evey playing the theme song to Kingdom Hearts Video Game with her piano teacher at the time, Sydney MacLennan.
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